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Name:Prompted Quill- A Muse Writing Community
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The Prompted Quill

This is a community for all type and genres of fiction and art that are based on prompts. Whether the inspiration strikes to write an original piece with original characters or the prompt speaks to characters in one of your fandoms or a muse you have adopted, perhaps poetry and its various forms are your thing, or you find yourself inspired to draw or play with graphics- all of these and more creative outlets are welcomed.

There are no restrictions- other than play nice with others,place submissions under a cut and follow the posting guidelines. Just have fun with the prompts. There are no fandom, pairing or muse claiming- people can use the same fandom, muse and pairing for prompts. Participate as much or as little as you would like, but please try to remain active with at least once a month, but no worries if you don't. This is for fun, not meant to be a tiresome chore.

However- speaking of chores and fun... there is this neat little site that is more geared towards household chores and the like, but it can be adapted to this community. It is called ChoreWars and you can visit the Prompted Quill party here. Create a character and for each prompt you complete, you can choose the related "adventure" and gain "xp", "gold", and the occasional "treasure" for doing so. Participation in this is certainly not required, but it is a fun thing and I will be offering small prizes each month to those who come in at the top three as far as xp earnings go. Perhaps later on, the "gold" earned for these adventures can be turned in for something as well. Mods can create characters and claim adventures, but will not be considered for monthly prizes and such.

Don't worry if you are new, just joining and take a look at the party page on Chore Wars. Some may have many levels and a lot of XP. Overall XP is not counted, only the XP that is earned within a certain month. If you scroll to the bottom of the Party page there is a tally with the top three scorers of each month. This is a handy tool to see where you are if you are aiming for top prize. Competition is friendly, but it is a fair competition.

Any prompt from any prompt set (past prompt set post and current)is eligible to be claimed for XP in Chore Wars. If nothing tickles your fancy in the current post, feel free to go back through older prompt sets for inspiration. Feel free to crosspost your work to any community but if you do, please provide a link back to this community- maybe someone else would like to come play as well. The more the merrier.

Other Misc. Rules-

~ This is a drama free zone and I would like to keep it that way. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but if your only problem with a piece or a person is you don't like it or them, don't agree with that pairing, or what have you- kindly keep it to yourself. Nao if some1'z speling is horrable & there sentance struckzure, grammar or whatever isn't gud- and you can kindly point out mistakes and offer suggestions, I am sure it will be quite welcome.

~ For those writing muses with their own journals your identity is safe. If someone outs a mun and their muse, they will be banned from the community.

~ There are RP prompts. RP posts and subsequent threads ARE allowed in the community. Please on the original post, note this is an RP thread and who is invited to join in. If you don't specify, that it is considered open and ANY muse may jump in. Also make note of the rating if things get steamy- that is allowed, but isn't everyone's cup of tea to read so if your muses start fogging up the screens, change the rating on the orginal post.

~ You must be 18 or the legal age in your location to join and participate. If I find that someone has lied about their age, they will be banned.

~ RPF and RPS is more than welcomed.

~ Slash and het are welcomed here.


In the subject place prompt set #, number of prompt used and title of piece

For the main post you don't have to use this exact formula, but please use something similar:

Fandom and Pairing (or character if there is no pairing):
Genre (fic, poem, art, etc):

Please place all works behind a cut or link. Provide warning for spoilers, for anything rated over R and for violence or non-con content if applicable.

Please tag your entries with your username, fandom, character or pairing and the number of the prompt set used.

The most important rule is HAVE FUN!!!!

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